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Suzanne Fisher



In 2002 and a certain young man was introduced to a new kind of music, this music, unlike the music he had heard before, seemed to touch the heart of the inner man. He soon found out that this music had a special name, its name was Acappella.
That young man is me, my name is Garikai Tendekai Nyabako, born in Zimbabwe but grew up in Zambia.  Your music continues to bless me spirit, soul and body. As a result of inspiration from listening to your albums and of course the almighty Lord's help, I was a pioneer in the formation of many acappella groups at the various schools that I went to, which if I may add, blessed many many people. I have earned the nick name "Acappella Man" at church (I worship at New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe).  From the first time I listened to your music back in 2002, I knew that Acappella was the music for me.  My love for acappella grew, so much so that I began to collect acappella albums, I have had difficulty in finding your albums but by God's grace I managed to find some of them which include We've got to sing( which was the first ever acappella album I had ever listened to ),Acappella  and most recently Once Upon A Tree (which I think is a gem of an album.  I pray and hope that our good Lord may help me to find your recent release All Around Me.  I believe that acappella is a powerful medium of sharing the gospel around the world, like Keith Lancaster, I to hope to found an Acappella ministry that will be based in Zimbabwe but that will bless the whole of southern Africa and eventually the world. 
May the Lord, the ancient of days, the beginning and the end, continue to bless you so that you may continue to be a blessing and that you may continue to bless others.
Your Acappella and brother in Christ

Gary "Acappella Man"

"Thank you again for coming and setting a fire under people here and bringing smiles and hope to everyone.  VU  music is being heard all over Cranberry as well as in all offices in this building.  Our staff meeting was amazing this morning - 45 minutes on VU impact and plans for your return next fall - will check dates with Gary.  You are loved by all who heard you.  Know that you are in our prayers!"

-- Lyn (Cranberry Township, PA)

"Having the Vocal Union in our midst for just two days was the single most uplifting thing that happened to our congregation last year. The message they give in song is so POWERFUL we had to have them back this year."

-- David Rine (Liberal, Kansas)

"Vocal Union did an excellent job of blending their strong, tight harmony with their strong spiritual commitment to provide us with a powerful mountain-top experience with them, and with the Lord. our students loved them as evidenced by the fact that we are having them back again this year."

-- Rich Carlson (Chaplain, Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska)

"At times I laughed out loud, at other times my eyes were misty. No song left me without its message and its emotion. After the performance, teenagers and senior citizens alike were getting their places in line to talk to the men and/or purchase some of their music. My only disappointment occurred when the performance ended. They were finished singing, but I wasn't finished listening. I would be so proud to take either my children or my parents to hear this kind of harmony and receive the sort of spiritual uplift that VU inspires."

-- Dennis Hanes (Lion's Club Chairman, Poplar Bluff, Missouri)


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