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Defraying the Costs of Your Concert

The following is a list of simple, standard ways to insure that your concert is in no way a financial burden to you. It certainly doesn't have to be.


This truly is the hallmark of removing financial stress. There are always individuals, organizations, and businesses that would love to have their names associated with a Christian family event. The average corporate donation is a multiple of $250, or whatever they agree to. Also, in lieu of money, have businesses donate goods or services. Hotel rooms, food, advertising ... you can have all of these details taken care of at a reduced, or even no cost. In return for the support of these individuals and businesses you can guarantee that their name be prominently mentioned in publicity, or their logo displayed on the tickets, posters, and brochures (and then have the printing donated as well). You can provide the businesses a certain amount of free tickets, a choice of reserved seats, a chance to meet the artists at a reception or meal, or whatever interests them in investing in this concert. Hopefully there will be several investors at your disposal with no interest other than quietly facilitating a positive community outreach.


If you are a church, or are promoting the concert through a church, all moneys, goods, and services provided can be written off as a donation. This is a fairly attractive incentive that you should be ready to point out to potential sponsors.


If you are still intimidated by the issue of numbers, simply partner up. If you are a small church, join with a couple of other churches. Besides splitting the costs, you automatically increase the involvement and attendance base for your concert. With a little coordination and willingness to work with others, this can be a very positive thing.

We hope that these ideas, as simple as they are, will put you at ease about what is always an area of needless concern. As you can see, it's perfectly feasible to have your entire event covered before selling a single ticket!  


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